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I Can't Begin To Imagine How Difficult It Is To Pull Off A Reverse-Entry Drift

If you’ve ever taken a serious shot at drifting, you know there’s a lot going on and it takes some getting used to. Maybe, for you, the concept of these reverse-entry drifts isn’t so unfathomable. For me, it seems just about impossible.


I’ve been plucking around on and came across this video from Drift Review they posted, which is just two solid minutes of people doing things with cars that look like accidents but are actually mega-slides. It is spectacular.

So enjoy. Full disclaimer: the video is from May 2015, which doesn’t matter. I’m going to be practicing in my friend’s PS3 car racing seat controller they only use when they have too many guests over now.

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Let’s not forget, let’s not forget, Dude, that Gigi Galli is the OG reverse entry master.