Things Don't Go According To Plan For This Mercedes Sprinter Drift Van

The good blue Mercedes Sprinter drifting van was tripped and tipped by the bad, no-good cars that spun.

Despite the van taking a rocking and causing a pileup, I can’t help but feel like everybody here was having a great time out there at, uh, Nuttscorner Raceway in Northern Ireland.


Vans are great. You can live in them, pack them full of stuff, pack them full of people, drive them anywhere you could drive anything else, and you can even drift them. Why is it funny to me to see a van drifting? Why is it funnier still to see it crash and get knocked on its side? Ha-ha, look at the big blue van get knocked over, ha-ha.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Someone willingly brought a Sprinter Van to a drift event. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say things went exactly as planned.