Dealership Sues Longtime Customer For $25,000 Over Dash Cam Video

Dwayne Cooney took his Chevy Malibu in for service to Jim Butler Chevrolet to fix a few minor issues. According to his dash cam, the work took an hour and a half. He was charged $600 for four and half hours of work. And now the dealer is suing him for $25,000. What? [Updated with dealer comment] » 4/03/14 2:00pm 4/03/14 2:00pm

Lithuanian Driver Discovers An Ingenious Method For Clearing Traffic

Getting stuck in traffic, when you are speeding along for no reason, and traffic consists of just two cars ahead of you, is the worst. But what if, and I'm just putting this out there, what if you could use your tiny little Ford Fiesta as a crazed battering ram? What if, indeed, said this bizarre Lithuanian driver. » 4/01/14 3:20pm 4/01/14 3:20pm

Russian Invasion Of Crimea Is Real Now That It's On Dashcam

As we all know, if there's something in the Post-Soviet East that isn't recorded on some random dude's dashcam, it didn't happen. Well, now the invasion of Crimea can call itself legitimate. » 3/03/14 4:15pm 3/03/14 4:15pm