Will a Dash Cam Actually Help You After a Car Accident?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video of the unbelievably stupid things you see on the road is priceless. But can dash cams actually help you out in a sticky situation? Here’s how to decide whether you should get one, as well as the skinny on dash cams in relation to insurance companies and U.S. law. »9/21/15 11:29am9/21/15 11:29am

Look At This Guy Trailing Taser Wires Running Half Naked Down A Highway

Sometimes, while driving down the highway, you see an accident. Maybe two cars had a fender bender. Other times, while driving down the highway, you see a completely shirtless man sprint past a herd of police, taser wires dangling from his back, flapping in the breeze, doing fuckall to stop his rampage. »8/26/15 9:00am8/26/15 9:00am

Idiot On Audi RS6 Test Drive Immediately Crashes It Into Tram 

When you take any car on any sort of test drive, you try not to drive it like you’ve never pushed pedals before. Mostly because you’ll just look like a pissboy, but also because It Is Not Your Car. That rule especially applies to something like the Audi RS6, which it moves very quickly. Which means it also collides… »5/27/15 8:55pm5/27/15 8:55pm

Is This Dashcam Video Of A Man Passing Out While Driving Real?

This video is pretty butt-clenchingly terrifying, with the driver seeming to pass out cold as his Mustang keeps tearing ass forward, through a fence and across a field, until, thankfully, the guy finally wakes up and stops the car. But something seems a bit off about all this — was this genuine, or an elaborate and… »5/08/15 10:05pm5/08/15 10:05pm

Watch This Bad Porsche Driver Wipe Out Then Hilariously Wipe Out Again

My thoughts while watching this video: “Oh. Another bad driver. Even managed to wipe out in a Porsche Cayman. Welp, looks like they’re going to try to keep going. Should just pull over. Why do they keep spinning out? What’s wrong with them? Oh – oh yeah. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. That’ll definitely do it.” »3/30/15 5:52pm3/30/15 5:52pm