Watch This Bad Porsche Driver Wipe Out Then Hilariously Wipe Out Again

My thoughts while watching this video: “Oh. Another bad driver. Even managed to wipe out in a Porsche Cayman. Welp, looks like they’re going to try to keep going. Should just pull over. Why do they keep spinning out? What’s wrong with them? Oh – oh yeah. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. That’ll definitely do it.” » 3/30/15 5:52pm Yesterday 5:52pm

Dashcam Records Transport Truck Rolling Right Into Highway Traffic

An 18-wheeler rolled from the 404 onto the 401 in Toronto yesterday, landing right in the midst of traffic. Amazingly, no one was seriously injured. » 3/24/15 8:20pm 3/24/15 8:20pm

The Ten Worst Drivers Caught On Video

Before you think of doing something stupid in your car, just remember that someone is probably filming it for all of the internet to laugh at you. » 3/17/15 11:00am 3/17/15 11:00am

Who's The Worst Driver Ever Caught On Video?

I live a largely blissful, happy life filled with joy and ease. Why is this? Because I don't have to drive every day, and I don't have to put up with the raging morons that traffic the world's roads. » 3/16/15 11:30am 3/16/15 11:30am

This Supercut Of South Carolina's Stupidest, Angriest Drivers Is Amazing

Everyone thinks the drivers where they live are the worst drivers in the world. While the usual offenders seem to be in Russia, China and Florida, this supercut makes me wonder if South Carolina should be a top contender as well. » 3/13/15 3:38pm 3/13/15 3:38pm

How To Speak Australian From An Australian Trucker

If you genuinely have no idea how to speak Australian, because you've never met an Australian before, all you really need to know is that it involves long semi-incomprehensible streams of vulgar profanity. Especially if you're a trucker, and someone just pulled out directly in front of you. » 3/10/15 10:40am 3/10/15 10:40am

The Best Budget Dash Cams

I find the dashcam market absolutely puzzling. And this is even after I accept that they're useful for people outside of Russia who may never encounter naked people or half-eaten trucks on the road. But the truth is this isn't a market with clear leaders or even players, and knowing what to buy is tricky. Maybe we can… » 3/02/15 3:49pm 3/02/15 3:49pm

Watch This Guy Get Completely Ejected From His Car And Walk Away

Alright, well, it was more of a limp than a jaunty saunter, BUT STILL. This guy was just completely thrown out of his car, slid along an icy highway, took one look at himself, and clearly thought "I should probably not be lying in this road right now." » 2/26/15 12:04pm 2/26/15 12:04pm

Massive Gas Main Explosion Caught On Dash Cam, Injures At Least 15

An explosion in Manahawkin, New Jersey injured at least 15 people today, including two critically, when a gas main was broken in a house under renovation, and all of it was horrifyingly captured on a dashcam. It appears as if there was some forewarning of a problem, as many of the injured were first responders. » 2/24/15 8:25pm 2/24/15 8:25pm

Massive Herds Of Deer Are Not A Common Road Hazard In Hungary

Hitting one deer is really, really bad. Hell, even seeing one or two just hanging out on a road is sort of scary. But seeing a huge, multitudinous herd blocking all movement, like this one in Hungary? That's just surreal. » 2/23/15 7:10pm 2/23/15 7:10pm

Knife-Wielding Road Rager Slashes Truck Tire In Traffic, Is The Worst

This blade-toting Audi A5 driver gets to a whole new level of asshole when he slashes this trucker's tire, effectively disabling the rig in the middle of traffic. This is some of the most pathetic and childish behavior I've ever seen caught on a Russian dash cam... and that says a lot. » 2/20/15 4:50pm 2/20/15 4:50pm

This Is What It's Like To Almost Be Killed By A Rocket On Your Commute

The fragile cease-fire is practically over in Eastern Ukraine. The rebels are unwilling to negotiate and have been attacking Mariupol for days. The video is from yesterday. While the video is not overtly graphic, it's likely that it features injuries or deaths. Please watch with caution. The Ukrainian government… » 1/25/15 10:36am 1/25/15 10:36am

You Won't Believe How Many People Barely Escape Death In This Dashcam

You'll sneer, you'll gasp, you'll pee your pants, you'll gasp again. Just watch how many consecutive horrific accidents the douchnozzle in this white Honda avoids by millimeters after attempting some seriously reckless overtaking. » 1/21/15 1:29pm 1/21/15 1:29pm

Man On Drugs Jumps Off Bridge, Walks Away Like It's Nothing At All

A half-naked man in Tijuana, Mexico, found himself higher than an astronaut and cornered by police on both sides of a bridge. So he did the only thing you can when you're higher than an astronaut and half-naked in Tijuana, Mexico – he jumped. » 12/29/14 2:08pm 12/29/14 2:08pm

One Wrong Move Gets This Lamborghini Wrecked And Its Driver Busted

A dashcam caught this Lamborghini Murcielago putting a little too much throttle in to thread a needle in traffic, and winding up off the road and at the mercy of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. » 12/23/14 3:35pm 12/23/14 3:35pm