Watch This Crazy Truck Driver Drive With His Feet

Truck drivers generally aren't so bad. In fact, they can even be pretty good. Heroes, even. So that's what makes this video so alarming. This isn't your average crappy Toyota Echo driver, with their feet out the window. This guy has his feet on the wheel, and it's at the wheel of a multi-ton truck. » 10/20/14 5:14pm 10/20/14 5:14pm

This Is The Beautiful Evasive Maneuver You Should All Aspire To Perform

Many crashes are avoidable, not because the driver shouldn't have put themselves in a situation in the first place, but because the driver didn't execute the proper actions when a problem arose. So here, kids. This is exactly how you should drive when two vehicles just plop themselves right in front of your face. » 10/14/14 10:37am 10/14/14 10:37am

Watch This Russian Nissan Juke Driver Try To Run Over A Motorcyclist

Dash cameras are extremely common in Russia because of how insane driving incidents can be in that country. Watch as an argument between a motorcyclist and a driver of a Nissan Juke escalates to the point where the Juke driver intentionally runs over the motorcyclist—in front of the cops, no less. » 10/12/14 11:00am 10/12/14 11:00am

Watch As An Illegal U-Turn Becomes Instant, Beautiful Justice

One of the worst things on the road, nay, the worst thing on the road, is the jerk who tries to pull an illegal U-turn right in your face. Like your face isn't there already, sitting all pretty. So it's hilarious, amazing, perfect, wonderful, and many other adjectives besides to watch a guy do it right in front of a… » 9/21/14 11:00am 9/21/14 11:00am