We’ve all seen jerks who, under the illusion that they’re some sort of reincarnated sultan who doesn’t need to wait in lines like all the lesser folk, will try to get ahead of a long line of cars on the road by driving on the shoulder. Sometimes they manage to do it. Other times, like in the case of this driver on the M6 in Britain last week, they’re thwarted by other drivers who are just not having it.

Here’s what happened: a driver in one of those Euro-market Daewoo-Chevrolets we never get in the U.S. was trying to use the shoulder to cut past a line of cars, like a big jerk, but this time the other drivers banded together to keep the shoulder-driver from getting back in the lane.


The person who took the original video described the scene like this to the Daily Mail:

There had been a bump on the M6 near Preston and a van and car couldn’t be bothered waiting in the queue so they tried to pass on the inside. The BMW in front of me also moved over to stop the car passing and all three vehicles behind bunched up to stop him getting back in. Haters gonna hate, but I hate people pushing in and I moved over as soon as the yellow flashing lights came.


I suppose that since the emergency vehicle had to pass, and the drivers had to let the Chevy in eventually, they sort of did manage to pull it off, though I suspect the intense levels of British-shaming aimed at the driver had to sting, at least a bit.

Regardless, it’s good to see drivers banding together to make jackasses’ lives a bit harder. Good work, British Drivers.

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