Australian Morning Commute Undisturbed By Trailer On One Wheel Shooting Sparks Through Traffic

“That was probably a mistake,” the driver later admitted to local news.

Australia’s 9News followed this dude one-wheeling it through Brisbane traffic all the way back to his house, where his fully-loaded trailer actually caught fire and needed to be put out with a neighbor’s hose. Watch the full video here:


I tried to make a .gif out of the video but only got this, which is perhaps not the most informative display of information, but still fun to stare at:


The driver was not particularly concerned:

He told 9NEWS he didn’t believe his actions were dangerous: “It was riding on the rubber. It wasn’t a great risk. It was rubber on bitumen except for the last kilometre, that was probably a mistake.”


I’m a little bummed this guy didn’t try to pull together some sort of hacked fix to keep the trailer off of the ground. C’mon dude, I’ve seen people jam a log in there. Worked fine.

(Hat tip to Brett!)

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