We’ve seen these sorts of ghost car dashcam videos before, but there’s always something fascinating and haunting about them. I guess that “something” isn’t exactly a mystery: a car comes out of freaking nowhere. This recent ghost car video, from Singapore, is a particularly good one.

Here, see if you can figure out where the hell that car came from:

It’s pretty baffling. There’s glare on the dashcam car’s windshield, which may be a partial factor, but I think what’s going on is that the other car is blocked by the BMW almost perfectly for most of the video.


I think you see a glimpse of the other car at 0:46 in the video, just over the roof of the BMW:


It’s an improbable circumstance, to be at exactly the right angle and with the cars synched at exactly the right speed, and with one neglecting to yield, but I think that’s what happened here, helped along by glare and glass reflectivity.

Either that or it is just some off-ramp from Hell that exits right there in that Singaporean intersection.