I’ll admit, I don’t know the full story here, but there’s a decent possibility that everything we need to know the story is right here. This happened on a street somewhere in Russia, and involved a crosswalk, a pedestrian, and an early 2000s Lexus RX. What you see is what happened: guy crosses the street through the SUV. That’s it. But the question is why?

Here, evaluate for yourselves:

Maybe he was just mildly pissed the Lexus decided to stop right on the crosswalk, and just wanted to make a point? That seems possible. An invitation for road rage or someone freaking out, but, sure, it’s a sort of funny way to remind someone what crosswalks are for.


Maybe he knew the person or people in the Lexus? There’s pretty much no drama here, so perhaps that’s why the occupants of the SUV weren’t alarmed?

Many are speculating, in the YouTube comments, that the guy was a drug dealer, and this was a very efficient drop-off. If so, kudos to that guy’s simple, undramatic service!

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