We all see things while driving that cause genuine bafflement, sometimes. It may be a person driving while trailing a forgotten gas pump hose, or perhaps a person driving while playing a game of dashboard Jenga, or even someone driving one of those Nissan Murano convertible things. This one, though, spotted by a guy named Tony on Facebook, is especially baffling.

Here’s what Tony saw:

For those of you who don’t spend your free time hanging around tire shops, napping in stacks of re-treads and huffing tire cleaner spray, that solar-panel-looking object flipping around on the wheel of that Blazer (I think it’s a Blazer?) is a wheel alignment device.


The big panel thing is the reflector unit that’s used in wheel alignment, and, as you probably guessed, nobody should be driving around with one of those on their wheel.

How does this person not notice the big-ass thing flapping around on their wheel? Was the car stolen out of a wheel alignment shop? Is the driver going to test its use as a paddlewheel?

I have so many questions.

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