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Reversing Doesn't Work If Your Wheels Aren't On The Ground

The best part of this dashcam video isn’t the karma served up to this Chevy Camaro driver brake-checking another car three times in a row then losing it in an intersection and crashing up a pole. It’s watching the car flail aimlessly, more upright than desired, in reverse with no wheels on the ground.


Like most videos of overly confident or angry drivers on the internet, you know how this is going to end before it does: badly. But this video was a bit different in nature, since its kind editor decided to add some text narration and fun music leading up to this Camaro’s eventual demise:

The Camaro does a bunch of questionable stuff on the road, including brake checking the car behind it and changing speeds constantly. The driver looks to have taken a left turn too quickly at a stoplight, and in overcorrecting for the back end swinging out, ran the car up a nearby pole.


The driver immediately gets on the gas, in what seems to be an attempt to reverse down the pole. doesn’t work if you’ve managed to get all four wheels off of the ground. The driver seems to be OK since the door flings open after a few tries at reversing, but the person who appears to be the original poster of the video on Facebook didn’t say anything about what happened afterward.

Don’t overcorrect. And maybe, just maybe, don’t drive like a jerk in the first place.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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