Watch Two Australians Go Nuts Over A Huge American Wagon In Japan

Full-size station wagons are still a reasonably common sight here in America, but they're totally alien in Japan, where these two Aussies found this rear-drive, V8 Caprice longroof. » 11/05/13 10:40am 11/05/13 10:40am

For $4,750, Is This KOA Caprice A-Okay?

They say that the majority of accidents occur within close proximity of home. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Camper Caprice is a home you could always be proximal to, but would considering buying it be an accident waiting to happen? » 9/14/12 8:00am 9/14/12 8:00am

Chevy dealer will sell you a new Caprice police car

When Chevrolet announced last year it would import the Australian-built Chevy Caprice sedan as police-only fleet car, enthusiasts begged for a civilian version to no avail. Now one Maryland dealer says it will buck GM and sell 13 Caprices to the public. UPDATE: It's legit — but not for long. » 6/24/11 2:00pm 6/24/11 2:00pm

New Chevy Caprice Police Cars On Duty April 2011

The next generation of Chevy Caprice patrol cars will be on the streets starting April 2011 for the unmarked 9C3 detective package. The marked 9C1 police cars begin delivery next June. Don't say we didn't warn you. [GM] » 7/26/10 4:00pm 7/26/10 4:00pm

Chevy Caprice PPV: Damn It, We Still Want One

The Carpocalypse may have killed the Pontiac G8 ST, but lucky cops will be able to spend their anti-terror budgets on the Chevy Caprice Police Car, which rides on the same chassis. » 2/10/10 11:00am 2/10/10 11:00am

Chevy Caprice Police Car Busts Heads In LA

The Chevy Caprice Police Cruiser is a big step forward for GM police cruisers. Seriously, it's so giant and imposing we saw more than one press flack run the other way. Dude, hide the nose candy! » 12/04/09 12:00pm 12/04/09 12:00pm

The History Of Chevrolet Police Cars

With the launch of the new Chevy Caprice, GM continues their long history of producing cars for law enforcement. Grow out your mustache and put on ridiculously dark shades as we PIT-maneuver through the half-century history of Chevy police cars. » 10/05/09 4:15pm 10/05/09 4:15pm

The Ultimate Caprice Movie Chase Scene: To Live And Die In L.A.

In our list of Best Caprice Movie Cop Cars some questioned the omission of the Secret Service Caprice from To Live And Die in L.A.. We actually think it's an Impala, but nonetheless, the chase is awesome. Enjoy. » 10/05/09 3:00pm 10/05/09 3:00pm

Ten Best Chevy Caprice Movie Cop Cars

In honor of the return of the Chevy Caprice police car, and because it's one of the most ubiquitous film cop cars of the 1980s and 1990s, we've put together the ten best criminal-chasing, car-smashing Caprice police movie cars below. » 10/05/09 12:30pm 10/05/09 12:30pm

EXCLUSIVE: The Chevy Caprice Police Car Is Back!

After a 15-year absence patrolling U.S. streets, an all-new law-enforcement-only Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) joins GM's fleet in 2011. Although it's built on the same rear-wheel-drive Camaro and dearly-departed Pontiac G8-spawning Zeta platform, it's not a G8 sedan. » 10/05/09 12:00am 10/05/09 12:00am

GM Still To Re-Badge Holden Commodore As U.S. Cop Car

GM CEO Fritz Henderson says the General's still looking to win a contract to supply re-badged Holden Commodores (formerly re-badged as the Pontiac G8 and once rumored to be re-badged as the Chevy Caprice) to US law enforcement agencies. » 9/17/09 8:20am 9/17/09 8:20am

"Maximum" Bob Lutz On G8: "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time"

If you were curious who would win in the Bob Lutz vs. Fritz Henderson battle over the fate of the G8, wonder no more. Lutz is Fritz's bitch. See Maximum Bob eat crow on the Fastlane Blog below. » 7/17/09 9:45am 7/17/09 9:45am

GM CEO Henderson: "Bob Lutz Says A Lot Of Things, But He Works For Me"

When Autoblog asked GM CEO Fritz Henderson about Bob Lutz's comments on the G8 becoming a new Chevy Caprice, his response was much different than what he gave when asked the same question later by two print journalists. » 7/15/09 3:30pm 7/15/09 3:30pm

G8 Survival Again In Doubt?

Much to the frustration of G8 fans, when GM Marketing Chief Bob Lutz said the Pontiac G8 will become the Chevy Caprice he might have meant a Caprice only for police work. What's happening? » 7/15/09 11:00am 7/15/09 11:00am

Pontiac G8 To Live On As Chevy Caprice!

Despite denials from the highest levels, including GM CEO Fritz Henderson, newly-re-tasked GM marketing man Bob Lutz told Automobile the Pontiac G8 would find its way into Chevrolet showrooms as the Caprice. A RWD Chevy Caprice? Is the Carpocalypse over? » 7/11/09 11:40am 7/11/09 11:40am

Automotive News: Pontiac G8 Might Survive?

Despite GM CEO Fritz Henderson saying "no chance" at a Pontiac G8 rebranded for Chevy, Buick or any other GM brand, Automotive News today reports GM's Tom Stephens claiming the G8 sedan "might survive with another GM badge." Wait, what? » 6/08/09 9:00am 6/08/09 9:00am

GM Considering Zeta RWD Platform For Other Brands: GMC Denali ST?

We all know it's now official. Pontiac is dead and GM's CEO confirmed the Pontiac G8's death, so what's to come of the RWD Zeta platform? GoAuto says it'll carry on. GMC Denali ST anyone? » 5/01/09 4:30pm 5/01/09 4:30pm