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Regular Car Reviews got their hands on a 2012 Chevy Caprice Police Pursuit Vehicle, which is a Caprice in name only and not-so-secretly an Australian muscle car dressed up for a role on Law And Order.

But hey, being a Holden, or close to a Pontiac G8, is definitely not a bad thing. Except when all of the parts come from Australia. Then it gets a little expensive.


I’ve honestly been looking at these (for fun, not too seriously) occasionally for a few months. Why? Because they look cool. Especially this seemingly-polished black-on-black model in the video.

The police department sort of ruined the interior console and messed up the wiring of the taillights, and the constant idling during its public service screwed up the cam shaft.


But, it looks cool, it’s fast, and it may not live up to the name of the past Caprices or impress anybody according to Mr. Regular, but it’s still a cool sleeper Australian muscle car.

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