This Low-Key Looking Chevy Caprice Has Over 1,000 HP

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Screenshot: Arab GT (YouTube)

This Chevy Caprice has simple black paint with a few scratches, essentially stock interior, a practical ride height and an LS3 V8 that puts over 1,000 horsepower to the wheels. Now that, my friends, is a sleeper.

Osama Farkh from Arab GT sent this over, and since I happen to be a dedicated appreciator of Caprices (1977 to present) I was immediately enticed.


The noise is bonkers. The motion on the speedometer needle... doesn’t even look possible. OK, a lot of this video is just the host Suhaib losing his mind over how fast the car is, but the dyno pulls and sound with the exhaust cutouts open are pretty special.

Arab GT says the car was set up by SLR Garage in Riyadh, which clearly did a good job hiding a whole lot of horsepower in a pretty standard-looking car.


I just can’t get over that rolling-start acceleration. And now I want to build up a modern Caprice of my own more than ever.

You have to get one as a retired service vehicle these days of course, because the car is only sold to fleets right now. The car is a rebadged Australian Holden Statesman, just imported and bow-tied for fleet use in the United States. Most are driven by cops.

But if you can find one that hasn’t had too hard a life I bet you could dial up to real viciousness without spending all that much money. Then again, the last time this came up on Jalopnik, commenters seemed to think they weren’t worth worshiping. Whatever. I choose to believe.

Low(er) budget Chevy SS, anybody?

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Oh, me likey! Me likey very much!

Thanks for canceling this platform, GM.  Dicks.