Watch Two Australians Go Nuts Over A Huge American Wagon In Japan

Full-size station wagons are still a reasonably common sight here in America, but they're totally alien in Japan, where these two Aussies found this rear-drive, V8 Caprice longroof.


Of course, these two Aussies are none other than Marty and Moog of Mighty Car Mods and the LT1 wagon is nothing but a perfect representation of USDM style in Japan.

Yes, just as we have JDM nuts over here in America, there are USDM nuts over in Japan. Speedhunters has a great writeup on the culture and a whole tagpage of posts as well.


USDM style is picking up in China (at least if my Weibo feed is to be believed) and while there are may fans of American cars in Europe, that trend is a little different from everything else.

(Hat tip to JayZayEighty Oppositelocksmith!)

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this is still the best video of an Australian guy freaking out in Japan