Let's Watch The Greatest News Cruiser Sendoff In History

6ABC Action News anchorman Jim Gardner eulogizes a burning 1980's Chevy Caprice in a way that few could

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Screenshot: 6ABC Action NEws

Anchorman Jim Gardner is a mainstay in Philadelphia TV news. He helmed the 6ABC Action News desk at 11 p.m. for over four decades, and last night was his final broadcast at that time slot, as he plans to retire at the end of 2022. (Don’t worry you can still watch him at 6 p.m. if your heart desires.)

While it’s no doubt that Gardner covered thousands of stories throughout his long career, the one that most interests us is this heartfelt eulogy to their now very dead Chevy Caprice news cruiser… dubbed “Cruiser No. 3.” Take a look:


This very well could be the greatest remembrance of a third gen. Chevy Caprice in history.

Even though it burst into flames on the grass of their competitor – Channel 10’s – office, it was still remembered fondly as an excellent news-gathering vehicle.

“Car three was singularly responsible for beating Channel 10 on hundreds of news stories throughout the years,” Gardner said. “Car three, we will miss you.”


Gardner’s final 11 p.m. show on 6ABC was Tuesday night, and if you’re a fan of local news or from Philadelphia, you’ll definitely want to check it out:


Jim Gardner first anchored the 11 p.m. news on 6ABC in May 1977 and clearly had much more longevity than the best General Motors had to offer in the mid-1980s.