Detroit's 'Giant Cat' Shot And Killed, We're All To Blame For This [UPDATE]

"Chum," the unusually large cat seen roaming around Detroit's northeast side, was shot and killed, the Detroit Free Press reports this morning. Welcome to your new clusterfuck of animal affection, defense of self of property and a further muddling of the image of a troubled city's residents. »8/27/13 12:27pm8/27/13 12:27pm

This Mercedes With A Cat On It Was The Most Interesting Car In Geneva

Remember our welcome post from Geneva last Monday? Two Bugatti Veyrons and a Ferrari FF were in front of that hotel. Not bad, but no real story there. We're more interested in this Mercedes we walked by every day during the show. It's French, it's got a kitten and a two-tone paint job, and it's pure awesome. »3/12/13 10:31am3/12/13 10:31am