Image credit: RSPCA Mount Noddy
Image credit: RSPCA Mount Noddy

Last week hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Chichester, England, to attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Judging by the sheer size of the crowds and how many acres the Festival spans alone, setting up and breaking down everything must be a logistical nightmare. This year, however, Festival employees discovered something extra left behind on the estate when the crowds finally dispersed on Sunday.


As they were deconstructing a display at Goodwood House on Monday, July 3, employees found a small litter of kittens hiding beneath it, reports local news outlet Chichester Observer. RSPCA Mount Noddy, a nearby animal center, responded, came to the grounds, collected the three little black kittens and set a cat-trap for the fourth, which managed to escape.

On Wednesday, the little gray kitten was finally captured.

Mount Noddy branch manager Clare Palmer told the Observer,

“Unfortunately we weren’t able to locate mum and suspect all the commotion and crowds frightened her away. She probably moved them under the structure when all the preparation for the festival was going on in the hopes of keeping them safe. But with 200,000 people walking over the top of them it’s unsurprising she was spooked and ran away.”


The kittens are six weeks old and semi-feral. The animal center is looking after them for now, until they are properly socialized and then, hopefully, adopted and offered some delicious taquitos.

Their names? Bentley, Lotus, Ferrari and Subaru.


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