Ultimate Cat Lady Interrupts Houston Traffic To Rescue Stray Cat

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Quite possibly the most dedicated cat lady ever ran into the middle of Houston’s Sam Houston Tollway to rescue a stray cat. How dedicated was she? Video released by the Harris County Toll Road Association shows her running across multiple lanes of traffic after the cat with what appears to be a pillowcase or a small towel.

Police later arrived to help block traffic so the woman could finally catch the cat. She eventually caught the frightened kitty and returned to her car, but to say she didn’t win any support from her fellow motorists would be an understatement. Houston has some of the worst traffic on the planet. She’s lucky she didn’t become the target of some Texas-sized road rage.


While no charges were mentioned in this case, a similar incident involving a man who shut down a Houston freeway (why is it always Houston?) to propose to his girlfriend resulted in Class B misdemeanor charges for obstruction of highway. So, it’s best to leave freeway kitty rescue up to the professionals.

No one wants to see our furry friends get hurt, but we don’t want to see people get hit by a truck, either. Shutting down the freeway to do anything but driving, as always, is the worst idea ever.