Sweet Little Kitten Gets Rescued From The Deep, Dark Depths Of A Buick SUV

Screencap via Fox 17
Screencap via Fox 17

Buicks aren’t all boring, and they’re not just for the elderly. This youthful little kitten found one roomy enough to climb up in, and a local dealership had to pry the sweet thing out of there after the car’s owner—and other folks at stoplights—heard some loud meowing coming from somewhere near the wheel well.


The owner of the Buick Encore SUV this kitten climbed inside of, Jean Puegh, told Michigan’s Fox 17 that she had no idea how it got inside of the vehicle. But we all know that kittens with no place to go enjoy climbing inside of cars (while older cats prefer asserting their dominance over them), which is why it’s always good to keep your ears open for tiny meows on the road.

The kitten in Puegh’s car was loud enough that she didn’t really have to try in order to hear it, and she told Fox 17 what happened afterward:

“Stopped at a stop light and somebody said, ‘You have a cat somewhere in your car,’” Puegh said. “They could hear it. It was right up in there. It had gotten way in there. And it was on top of the gas tank.”

Puegh called 911, and the dispatcher told her to take the car to a dealer. And that is where the crew at the Preferred Chevrolet dealership in Grand Haven came to the rescue. They were able to free the cat from the frame of the car in a few minutes.

Dealership employee Sara Weeber recorded the cute little rescue, embedded from Fox 17 below, and she wound up taking the kitten home after they hung out for the rest of the workday.

The kitten isn’t too fond of his new dog sibling, but Weeber told Fox 17 that he actually doesn’t mind an occasional car ride these days. She named the kitten Encore, after the very average car that took this kitty on his very above average adventure to a new home.

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