Poor and unfortunate Top Gear presenter Rory Reid was being terrorized by a feral cat, we learned yesterday. We raised concerns for his well-being. We waited for news with bated breath.

When we left off yesterday, the cat had escaped and “legged it,” which I understand is a British way of saying “ran away.” Then, it was time for Phase 2.

If the cat was smart it would not have come back.


That doesn’t look big enough for a tiger, but okay, suit yourself.

So thoughtful!


WHOA HOT SHIT YOU GOT IT!!! Jesus! Just look at that thing, it’s vicious!

I can tell you’re in a hurry because you forgot the period at the end of your sentence. It’s okay, I forgive you.


Goddamn. One cage couldn’t hold that furious feline, you needed two.


Congratulations, Mr. Reid! Glad your home is yours once more.

(h/t to Dusty Ventures!)