A few days ago, Top Gear presenter Rory Reid alerted the world via Twitter of some sudden and very alarming feline troubles. Must be part of the hardship of home ownership, I suppose.

Shit, Rory! What’s happening now?

Oh, man. You’re really not fucking around, you’re being serious.

Okay, good background info. Thanks!

Lawless creatures, not bound by human mores and conventions. Have you thought about adopt—

Gotcha, gotcha.

Christ, this invader is shameless!

“Cat, this dude is not pissing about. This is his house!

Time to go Home Alone on its ass.


HELL YEAH! One point for the people.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

I mean... you did trap it. What did you expect?

Are you sure you’ve got a cat on your hands?

No, sir. From the sounds of it, what you had on your hands was a goddamn tiger.

I’m not convinced that you’re alright, man. I think you’re being held hostage.

Blink twice if you are. We’ll send someone right over.