The Harrowing Rescue Of A Cute Kitty Trapped In A Truck's Engine Bay

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A South Carolina man pulled his public works pickup into a service bay after hearing a noise he wasn't too sure about, which turned out to be a little cat that had wedged itself in the truck's engine compartment.

Apparently the cat belonged to a neighbor of the truck owner, and probably climbed in there looking for whatever it is cats like. I don't know. Cardboard?


Man do they love cardboard.

Anyway the City of Spartanburg's Fleet Maintenance Team couldn't entice it to go out the way it came in, so Officers Mike Johnson and Jessica Lancaster of Spartanburg Animal Services were called in to render assistance.

It took them over an hour of prying, petting the cat, and pulling truck parts to finally free the animal. A quick video of the pitiful cat meowing helplessly is on their Facebook page, which you can watch without guilt because it was deemed uninjured after the extraction and returned to its owner.

They also posted this:


And this:


Now it's up to you to turn the comment thread into a gallery "IF IT FITS I SITS" pictures.

Image: Spartanburg Animal Services

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