Crowdfunding Replaced The Ads At A London Underground Station With Cat Photos

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An ad for the latest smartphone? Not relevant until it’s time to upgrade anyway. One for the newest computer? Yeah, OK. A concert coming to town? Forgot the band as soon as the poster was out of sight. But wait, are those cat photos plastered where advertisements should be? Those are cat photos!

As much as it may make your B.S. meter go off, this is not a work of Photoshop. Those kitties are, in real life, lining the walls of the Clapham Common station on the London Underground, and they’ll be there for the next couple of weeks. Here are some more views of the station, so you can live vicariously through these lucky people with a kitty-filled commute:

Of course, lining the station with cats wasn’t a freebie. According to Mashable, an organization called the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service—CATS, for short—raised $30,526 in a Kickstarter campaign in order to have more than 60 advertisements at the station replaced with cat photos. The organization is part of Glimpse Collective, which describes itself as “a group of friends who want to use creativity for good.”


The original idea was to just put cute photos of cats everywhere to show that people can change the norms of society, but Metro reports that the organization later decided to feature felines in need of homes. They teamed up with Cats Protection and the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and the founder of Glimpse, James Turner, told the Independent that all of the cats in the photos were either up for adoption or recently adopted.

Do us all a favor and keep the rescue cats up forever, Clapham Common. There is no price on cuteness.