Bentley-Branded Safes Are Bulletproof Refrigerators, Just Like The Cars

Need a place to stash a newly minted golden parachute from your time at Merrill Lynch? Perhaps that Blancpain watch you got as a going-away present from Lehman Brothers deserves a proper keeping. You're in luck, disgraced captain of industry, because German safe-maker Stockinger has partnered with Bentley to build 400… »9/22/08 12:30pm9/22/08 12:30pm

You've Got The Porsche Car, Now Get The Porsche Kitchen!

Ah, lifestyle brands. You're a Porsche sort of person, right? You've got the 911, the Cayenne, the sunglasses »8/25/08 4:00pm8/25/08 4:00pm, even the But then you step into your kitchen and it hits you: Not to worry- Poggenpohl can set you up with everything from appliances to faucets, all packed with Porsche Design style. We're waiting for the…

Sony Ericsson Teams With Ducati For Cell Phone, Rich Dudes In Loveless Marriages Rejoice!

Since Motorola is the phone of Ferrari, Sony Ericsson has decided to jump on the rest of the dentist-anesthesiologist demo with a Ducati-branded Z770 cell phone. The big difference here is that Ducati bikes are appealing and svelte, while this mobile phone isn't. Like most auto-branded cell phones, the Z770 will… »6/06/08 3:40pm6/06/08 3:40pm

Samsonite Takes Cue From Auto Industry For Luggage Design

Today we encounter something different—an Anti-Auto Branding Adventure—with luggage giant, Samsonite, taking cutes from the auto industry for luggage designs. Recently announced are a few different types of luggage designs inspired by the automobile industry. The Graviton is a polycarbonate case with a design inspired… »5/29/08 3:20pm5/29/08 3:20pm

Ferrari-Branded Audio System Has Ferrari-esque Price Tag

Ferrari has teamed up with Meridian for a some Auto Branding Adventures with the F80 home entertainment system. And by "home entertainment system," we really mean it's just a glorified clock-radio. The details are limited but it seems this home entertainment system has radio, CD and auxiliary input support. Probably… »5/19/08 4:19pm5/19/08 4:19pm

Gaming With Porsche Branded Peripherals Almost Like Driving Real Thing

If cruising around in your Porsche 911 in the latest installment of the Gran Turismo series lacks a certain realism, you may be ready for the officially branded Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Racing Wheel gaming peripherals. Consisting of a wheel, shifter and pedals, the driving set is available as wireless controllers for… »4/28/08 5:00pm4/28/08 5:00pm

Hummer-Branded Mobile Phone Is Very Capable, Surprisingly

The Hummer HT2 is the company's second mobile phone branding adventure. The first Hummer branded mobile, the HT1 is still doing fairly well so it was only inevitable that Hummer would release the HT2. Despite what people may or may not say about Hummer owners, insecurities, compensation and whatnot, the H2T mobile… »4/07/08 3:15pm4/07/08 3:15pm

Lamborghini-Branded Bluetooth Headset: Coincidence Anyone?

We love Lamborghinis as much as the next guy around these parts, but there's always something peculiar if not alarming about the drivers of these cars—at least those who use Lamborghinis as daily transportation. And yes, these are the kind of people who thrive on Bluetooth headsets. They always have one on, waiting… »3/26/08 5:05pm3/26/08 5:05pm