Ferrari Hits Rock-Bottom, Brands Binoculars, Telescopes

You know, I used to think Ferrari was doing pretty well, at least until recently. Of late, what we've heard from the Italian manufacturer has nothing to do with cars and everything to do with gadgets. So far we have seen speakers, Vertu and Motorola cellphones and a Segway. The latest gadgets to come out of the Ferrari HQ are even more unlikely: binoculars and telescopes.


The Ferrari Visio binoculars are red, include the familiar horse logo and include some carbon fiber, of course. They are available for $199 and can provide up to 8x magnification. The Ferrari ZenithStar telescope provides up to 50x magnification and can attach onto camera with a special adapter. It's available for $699. The Ferrari ZenithStar Anniversary Edition is just like the regular model, except it is cast in, yes, carbon fiber and can magnify up to 65x. It is available for $1599. Wow, Ferrari. How about you quit wasting all the carbon fiber on doodads and give us some cars sooner or later? [William Optics Racing via WCF]

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