Porsche Design Launches P’9120 Desk Radio

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Not to be confused with the last Porsche Design radio, the P’9120 is an attractive desktop radio capable of linking to an iPod or similar radio, and is encapsulated in an attractive aluminum body. The radio is said to be a joint product of Porsche Design and Etón Corporation, known for their hand-crank emergency radios — always a benchmark of fidelity. And, like all Porsche Design products, we’re betting the P'9120 will be ridiculously overpriced and pretty low-quality, which doesn’t sound to us like a good analogy for Porsche cars, but hey, we’re not the ones doing the marketing. The press release follows the jump.

Stuttgart/Palo Alto. Porsche Design is introducing a brand new radio into the market, a product developed jointly with Etón Corporation of Palo Alto, California. The radio, available now in Porsche Design Stores, blends purist design together with a top quality aluminum finish. The P’9120 desk radio comes with three 1.5 inch speakers, an active subwoofer and double-wall structure, ensuring top-class true-to-life acoustics. In Europe, the radio, which comes in a solid aluminum casing, is available in a version which provides access to both analog and digital transmissions via the same device (AM, FM, short wave and DAB – Digital Audio Broadcasting). Different types of iPod can be linked up to the radio via an external cradle. Both the radio itself and any iPods connected to it can be operated via a remote control unit. Etón Corporation is an American manufacturer of radio products in the consumer electronics sector. Etón’s motto, “re-inventing radio”, reflects that corporation’s aspiration to develop radios which stand out from the crowd because of their up-to- the-minute design, technical innovation and functionality. Porsche Design is a global luxury men’s brand and is determined by engineered products. Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche established the Porsche Design brand in 1972, whose products are attracting consumers with their technical innovation and represent functionality and timelessness in its purest form. Porsche Design products are sold in own retail and franchise stores, shop-in-shops, up- market department stores and exclusive specialist stores.

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Hey I have a Porsche badge blu-tacked to my TV (no shit) maybe I can somehow get rid of the Sony badge and then sell it to a unsuspecting Porsche fanboy.