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The Hummer HT2 is the company's second mobile phone branding adventure. The first Hummer branded mobile, the HT1 is still doing fairly well so it was only inevitable that Hummer would release the HT2. Despite what people may or may not say about Hummer owners, insecurities, compensation and whatnot, the H2T mobile phone isn't too bad. It has one nice feature that many, many other phones lack, and that is dual-SIM slots—meaning it has two SIM slots so multiple phone lines can be used in one mobile phone.


Other than the dual-SIMs, the HT2 is a quad-band phone, therefore it can work just about anywhere. It also has a media player, 2-megapixel camera (for taking picture of your pristinely garaged Hummer), Bluetooth, microSD expandability and more. It will be available first in Russia and Latin America. [Giz]

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