Ferrari, which some would describe as a "luxury manufacturer" is teaming up with Motorola, which others would describe as "cheap junk" — for a prancing-horse branded cellphone. The Motorola Z8 RIZR will be the sliding phone getting a little love from FRRI. I'll go easy on Motorola, the Z8 is a decent handset.

None of the Z8's guts are being upgraded to match the power Ferrari is known for, but it is getting a pretty red and black paint job. The phone itself will include Ferrari videos, wallpaper, ringtones and pre-registration to the official Ferrari Web site and will be available next year. Pair this up with a Ferrari Segway and t-shirt to jump start your way to a grade-A douchebaggery (unless you actually own a Ferrari, of course — then you know, just don't wear it while you drive, OK?). [Unwiredview]