$2,750 Maserati Pen Will Not Help You Write Faster

Feel like going all out and indulging in obnoxious luxury? Grab yourself a $2,750 sterling-silver Maserati-branded pen. Yeah, that's plenty obnoxious. This pen heralds from Bologna, Italy, and the hand of Armando Simoni, apparently a famed luxo-pen crafter. The Maserati pen comes in roller ball ($2,500 — for the plebes) and fountain ($2,750) styles. Each features a Maserati trident and Maserati signature fender vents etched into the body and cap. 1,200 of the fountain pens and 714 roller balls are to be made, for a total of 1914 — the year Maserati was founded. We expect you to hate on it as you so ruthlessly did the Maserati Quattroporte [AutoWeek]


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