Lamborghini-Branded Bluetooth Headset: Coincidence Anyone?

We love Lamborghinis as much as the next guy around these parts, but there's always something peculiar if not alarming about the drivers of these cars—at least those who use Lamborghinis as daily transportation. And yes, these are the kind of people who thrive on Bluetooth headsets. They always have one on, waiting for a phone call to come in so a kind of business is some dude using a Lambo as his everyday sled into, anyway? We're not thinking hedge funds. More like Caspian oil futures. So, it's only appropriate that Lamborghini has decided to brand a Bluetooth headset, named Bello.

This headset is pretty average, including six hours of talk time and a $70 price tag. But it is distinguished by the famous bull Lamborghini logo. So if you must drive your Lamborghini around town like a jackass, at least do so safely with a Bluetooth Bello headset, just in case your mistress calls demanding money so she can buy pointy purple alligator skin boots or pay that "photographer" who took the "portraits" of her. [Crave]


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