The 2009 Corvette ZR1 Is The Corvette SS, Blue Devil, Mako Shark, Z07 Or Whatever

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Chevrolet's reputed 650-horsepower 2009 Corvette's been called by enthusiasts the "Blue Devil," the "Super Sport," the "Mako Shark," the "Z07" and all sorts of other monikers — but according to Todd Lassa, Motor Trend's Motor City Blogman, the up-powered 2009 Corvette will be officially called "ZR1." It's a badge with a wee bit o' history and according to Todd, it will appear on the car they'll be showing at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show in January and on the production version that will go on sale later next year as a 2009 model. Much like the facts provided by the boys at Popular Mechanics, Lassa's also telling us they'll still be using the supercharged version of the new 6.2-liter V8 — the same used in the 2008 Corvette that we've already seen shots of. Lassa's also got the scoop that the price will be "much higher than the 505-horsepower Z06" which Chevy will still continue to build post-launch of the "ZR1." Full gallery of production mule shots of whatever the new Corvette will be called below. [via MotorTrend Blog]


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I'd love to see the ZR-1 in an actual racing series. Since it is FI'd though, it might find a bit more weight penalties and restrictors installed :(

Why can't we have an unlimited class where it is balls to the wall racing and development? F1 is now stagnant (and has been), we need something else to take it to the bleeding edge.