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Ed Hellwig over at the line that's always straight โ€” one of the many sites that when combined together form the auto industry super-site that is Edmunds โ€” looks to have snagged some pics taken by KGP of what appears to be a Corvette SS (Z07, Blue Devil, etc) powertrain mule on a test track in Europe. The Z07 (or whatever) seems to be partaking of some side-by-side comparison track time with a Ferrari 599. The always straightly-lined Edmunds site postulates it may have something to do with "reworking" the Delphi magnetically adjustable shock absorber system used by both vehicles. We happen to think it's "Maximum" Bob Lutz deciding to take his new up-powered super-toy into some super-screaming pissing matches with what he believes will be the competition. Well, probably more likely the shock absorber thing, but a man can dream, can't he? Anyone else notice the similarities between the vette in the spy shot above, and a certain powertrain mule you'll remember from a while back? In case your memory needs a jog, we've re-included the picture gallery below.

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