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Looks like Brenda Priddy's got some new pics of the Corvette SS/Super Vette/Blue Devil/Z07/whatevs and the road which is never straight has them up for you. It's good that Priddy snapped these ones, especially considering the uproar the last time the ever-Winding Road published pics of the "Corvette SS." These pics on the other hand show Maximum Bob's baby looking pretty snazzy in a red paint job. There's still no new deets on the super-duper car from the General's budget-basement brand, but after we showed you the esh-esh topless and sitting there all spread eagle for you a few months back, how many more deets could some spy shots really tell us anyway? If you still haven't seen them — here's our own set of spy shots for your viewing pleasure.

Red Devil - New Super Corvette Spy Shots [Winding Road]

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