Spy Photos: I Am The Corvette SS Powertrain Mule

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Why yes, that is the new Corvette SS (or whatever) powertrain being mule-tested at — well, we'll just let the guy who just lost his job by posting these on a forum explain where they are from:

"lufthansa cargo in michigan. we got a redz06 and a regular orangec6. the z06 has some black tarp on the hood and the fenders, i cant tell if its a centr. supercharger its to dark outside...ok its gotta be supercharged i just saw a intercooler."


Yup, full gallery below — just 'cause we love ya...a lot.

vette vs. viper [Fast-Autos.net]

UPDATE: The individual who took the photos, an employee of the shipping company EMO TRANS, is now in jail. Here's what we know.



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Ben Wojdyla

Oh snap! You're absolutely right. See kids, there's the diff between a shitty low res CRT and a nice bright HD plasma - witness marks AND an actuator.

What could these tricksters be up to? variable backpressure? variable flow? But why?

Another issue I'm having with these pictures is still that intake situation. The routing is just bizarre. Normally an aftercooler is after the supercharger. If that's what that hunk of metal is (and I can only assume it's an air to water cooler taking into account the hoses running to and from it), why is it on top? And look at the routing for the actual air intake. The electronic throttle body is offset to the drivers side. Very strange if it's a roots/screw type charger.