Corvette SS Spy Photographer Now In Jail!

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We've just been told the guy who took the amazing up-close-and-personal shots of the Corvette that some have given the Wagonerian name of "Blue Devil" and at other times has been known by the SS moniker is nowt in jail. That's all we know at the moment. More to come.


UPDATE: Autoblog's got the name of the shipping company the guy worked at. It's called EMO TRANS.


UPDATE #2: We know the guy worked for EMO TRANS and was fired and that he was taken to jail in Romulus, MI. We've placed calls in to the Romulus police (who gave no comment) as well as e-mailed folks at General Motors (no reply received yet). We'll stay on top of this as we find out more information.

UPDATE #3: We're now hearing the dude's not in jail. Someone needs to tell these sources to get their facts straight. Jeesh!


Spy Photos: I Am The Corvette SS Powertrain Mule [internal]

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@FishingCrue: I'm fairly certain he wasn't arrested because of the photos. More than likely he was fired and when he was fired something else happened, or something from his past caught up to him. Either way we'll find out more in the morning.