Corvette SS Spy Photographer Now NOT In Jail?

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Well lookie here, Josh Oliver from took some time away from breathlessly interviewing GM engineers to turn his attention breathlessly towards police officers in Romulus, MI. Here's what he's claiming to be the straight scoop from his lips to your (and Mark Truby's) ears.

"We did a little research of our own and can confirm, with the utmost certainty that the gentleman in question was NOT arrested or placed in police custody.

TheGMSource has been able to confirm that a civial complaint was filed today by General Motors in Romulus, Michigan. We can also confirm that no criminal charges have been filed by the Romulus Police Department and that... investigation is still ongoing.

What is expected to happen next is a detective will be assigned to the case if it is deemed necessary. While we can not state specifics, we are told that the civil complaint is in regards to "a prototype being pictured by an employee."

So, to set the record straight. The gentleman in question was NOT arrested, nor placed in Police custody, and criminal charges are pending depending on the outcome of the ongoing investigation."


Hmm, this story's become much more strange with every sleepless hour.

TheGMSource Exclusive: Civilian Who Leaked Corvette Images NOT Arrested []


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He did! The current incarnation is a zombie mutant cyborg from the future designed to protect us from badge-engineered 'merican cars. I read it somewhere, look it up.