Enter The "Blue Devil" Or "Blue Wagoner" Or Whatever: Lutz Confirms An "Appetite" For Big Horsepower Corvette

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According to Automotive News, it's now official — GM plans to build a Super Corvette that's often referred to as the "Blue Devil" in reference to CEO Rick Wagoner's alma mater:

"Call it horsepower wars. In summer 2009, Chevrolet will add a limited-edition Corvette producing about 600 hp..."There is a distinct appetite for something beyond the Z06 in performance, beyond the Z06 in exclusivity and beyond the Z06 in price," GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said in an interview last week. The car is expected to have styling cues that separate it from other Corvette models."


Thank god for "Maximum" Bob Lutz and his amazing ability to have shit just spew out of his mouth at the most random of random times. God bless that man and his diarrhea of the mouth problem.

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