Spy Photos: 2008 Corvette SS, Stingray, Mako Shark, "Blue Devil"

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Crap, look at that hood scoop. Some new shots of what looks to be a test mule for the oft-discussed, $100,000 "Blue Devil" Corvette emerged in the 'Vetteosphere. Spy photogs recently bagged this highly scooped specimen, which spy Chris "the ear" Doane says could only be powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter V8. Speculation is that the new super 'Vette, which could be called "SS," "Stingray," "Z07," "Mako Shark," or other construct involving marine life, the letter Z, or a number of Ss run concurrently, will produce 650 hp and use carbon fiber to lighten its curb weight under the Z06's bulk. "Blue Devil" is dead. Long live something else.


Captured! Corvette Blue Devil (Stingray?) Mule In The Flesh [Winding Road]


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That hump is hiding a Roots supercharger; the intake is in the front grill, most likely behind the temperature sensor you see there. FYI for the 8 people here following this story - months back I predicted 6.2L supercharged (LS7 walls too thin for high compression), lighter rotors (titanium or carbon based), and rims (one piece forged ala Champion Wheels), CF hood, roof and racing buckets, reinforced drivetrain, and specifically tuned suspension (maybe coilovers instead of tranverse springs but the Z06 suspension is pretty sweet without the coilovers). You will also see special badging. This car will most likely be made for two-three years with some of the technology spilling over to the C7. Seeing one of these on the street will be as likely as seeing an F430 CS; not very.