Spy Photos: New Corvette SS / Blue Devil / Whatever Pics?

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The folks all about Corvettes in the Forum world are bringing some camera phone pictures to the internet of what they're claiming are more of the upcoming super-Corvette. Although we're not expecting to hear official word of the new 'vette that's been alternately called the "SS," the "Blue Devil" or "Rick's New Whip, By Bob" until Detroit, we've certainly already seen a lot of this super car's powertrain mule as of late. These pictures, on the other hand, if they're true, seem to indicate they're gettin' the sheet metal done as well. You may be asking why there's no pics of the back end though — our forum-friends claim the reason for that is


"It's not totally finished here in the pix, the reason for no back end pix is that there is still moulding clay over it developing the rear design..."


Well sure, that makes sense — when you're trying to hide 700 horses, why not leave a still-with-clay model open for anyone with a camera phone to see?

Corvette SS pix... [CorvetteForum.com]

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@skaz: I'm with you, the first thing I thought was shaker hood, baby!

Also, if it had kickass side exhausts I would gladly pay $5.00/gallon gas to own this monster.