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Fact Versus Fiction On The New Hyper-Amazing Corvette SS Or Whatever

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The boys at Popular Mechanics seem to be fed up with all the rumor-mongering going on out there in the internet chat rooms, the enthusiast forums and the (gasp!) blogosphere about the next-gen super-Corvette. This is the same Corvette Super-Super (or whatever) the General's designed to compete with and blow away the 600 HP Dodge Viper SRT10. To combat and beat down anyone talking any of that false jive, they've put always-on-the-prowl spy photographer Jim Dunne on the case to come up with the top five rumors and then do his due diligence to either bunk or debunk them.


Although we won't spoil it for you — we will say it's pretty much what we've been saying all along. It'll be over $100K and it'll be over 650 horsepower, it'll only be offered as an auto tranny, and oh yes, they'll only build 3000 of them over two years. But Dunne isn't able to figure out what'll happen to the Z06 and whether it will still exist post-"SS." On top of that what Dunne didn't mention is — how did the "SS" do against that Ferrari 599 in Europe a few months back? OK, so maybe we spoiled it for you — but at least we asked a question he didn't.

New Corvette Fact vs. Fiction: Top 5 Rumors Debunked [Popular Mechanics]

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burglar can't heart click anything

Sigh, another reason for my "save the clutch pedals" campaign.

This car just fell off my lust list. Screw you GM.