NASCAR Driver Asks To See Throttle Data To Decide If Competitor Hit Him On Purpose

It isn’t often that racing spats over wrecks get super technical. It’s usually just a finger-pointing match over who hit whom and why. But after a wreck with Joey Logano in Las Vegas, Kyle Busch apparently asked to see his throttle data to determine if Logano hit him on purpose—after trying to punch him, of course.

Frequent Source Of Fighting Among Children Unhappy With Kyle Busch's Fight

Candymaker Mars, Inc., a #brand that serves as the primary sponsor for Kyle Busch’s NASCAR Cup car, voiced their displeasure with Busch for starting a fight at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. That’s rich, because they’ve never remarked on any first grader who’s ever been elbowed in the stomach over a pack of Skittles.

When NASCAR driver Kyle Busch can leave his tires in giant clouds of smoke, you know he has ample celebratory burnout experience. Tonight marked a record eighth Xfinity Series win at Texas Motor Speedway, giving Busch a total of 160 wins in all NASCAR’s top three series. We’re just as used to seeing him do burnouts as…