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Aug 29 2007

Wow, DaimlerChrysler (yup, that's still the name) saw earnings of $2.5 billion last quarter. That was despite the $3.4 billion charge on the sale of Chrysler. Imagine how better it would have been had they recorded Chrysler's profits during the quarter too. Oh wait...maybe that would have been backwards. [NYT]

Aug 9 2007

Chrysler locking doors to prevent execs from running to other hills from the Hills of Auburn. [Detroit News]

Aug 1 2007

Chrysler Group July 2007 sales down 8%, Mercedes Group down 14% month-to-month from last year. [Reuters via PRNewswire]

Jul 30 2007

Well of course Chrysler employees get to take their cars to a good auto shop. [Freep]

Jul 27 2007

Dieter Zetsche e-mails his goodbye to Chrysler. Parting is such sweet sorrow — or as one Freep commenter writes: "Later Stache." [Freep]

Jul 25 2007

Mercedes second quarter profits surge to $1.65 billion. No second quarter results announced for Chrysler because of the impending sale. That's probably a good thing wethinks. [Forbes]

Jul 17 2007

DaimlerChrysler expects higher FY 2007 sales from Mercedes than they saw during FY 2006. But only by a wee bit. [CNNMoney]

Jul 11 2007

John "Informer" Snow of Cerberus to discuss impact of Chrysler sale today at Detroit Economic Club. Hurry and snatch those tickets up before they're gone — we hear they're serving chicken! [Freep]