UDMan Drives The Sprinter, Gives It Thumbs-Up

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I've long admired the super-efficient Sprinter van, but never quite understood the constant shifting of marques under which it was sold. Dodge? Mercedes-Benz? Freightliner? Truck expert UDMan to the rescue!

Over on Hooniverse, Corvair racer UDMan has untangled the threads that make up the Sprinter's history, and it's well worth reading. I might just have to get a Sprinter for my next cross-country road trip!

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Well well well, I see I've made it onto Jalopnik. Thanks Ms. Martin, but I'm surprised that this is what made it on here, and not the wild Diamond T or the Piss-Off-Pete. (Those are over at the Hooniverse)

Anyway, I have a slight request. How about doing a posting before year end with a poll. Make that a couple of postings, about the 24 Hours of LeMons. Vote for your favorite outright winner of all the events. Then vote for your favorite IOE winner from all the events. (Yes I do have an interest in this)

Thanks Ms. Martin.