World's Dumbest Hellcat Driver Arrested After Posting Video Doing 198 MPH On Highway

I’m going to file this under the “you call it a viral video, cops call it evidence” folder. I understand this is going to come as a shocker for many of you out there, but the guy who posted a video of himself doing 198 mph on a North Carolina highway got himself arrested. The charges are not looking good for him.

Tuner Shop Employee Was Caught Putting Metal Shavings Into Dealer's 'Vette, Says It Was a Joke, Not a Scam [Updated]

This is a strange story. Fundamentally, it’s the story of two Dallas-area enthusiast car shops: one, a dealer in used performance cars, and the other, a tuner shop. What happened between the two companies started out as a normal enough exchange, but got weird, fast, with one side claiming it was an attempted scam, and…

Local Moron Straps Washing Machine to SUV Hood Instead of Perfectly Good Roof Rack 

An Abilene, Texas Jeep Liberty owner received a warning from police for his absolutely inexplicable decision to strap an entire washing machine to his hood, completely obscuring his vision ahead of the car. The Jeep has a seemingly intact roof rack, on a seemingly intact roof. Why didn’t he strap it to the roof? What…

Arizona Lawmaker Gets Out Of Speeding Ticket Then Brags To Cop About Driving 140 MPH Like A Moron

Even if we assume that, at some level, pretty much every elected official sucks and will find some way to take unfair advantage of their position while in office, you still hope the people who make up your government have at least the minimal amount of intelligence to not be stupid about it. That’s clearly not the…

Canadian Cops Who Are Clearly Tired Of This Bullshit Seize Exotic Sports Cars For 'Stunting' (Updated)

Look, just because you’re driving a $100,000 supercar doesn’t mean you don’t have to drive along at a snail’s pace like the rest of us plebeians. No no, you too have to suck it up as all of those 500+ horsepower go to waste. And if you don’t—as these people near Niagara Falls, Canada didn’t—your car’s getting towed.

Florida Man Tells Cops He Wasn't Drinking And Driving Because He Only Drank Bourbon While Stopped

Sometimes, you have to wonder if people in Florida want to keep the “Florida man” joke alive, thus continually passing the baton on depicting caricatures of human stupidity. A new Florida man, when stopped by cops recently, claimed he wasn’t drinking and driving because he only drank bourbon while stopped.