Police Impound Man's New Car 30 Seconds After He Purchased It

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Photo: Northampton Hub Specials/Twitter (Fair Use)

We’ve all had bad days behind the wheel. Maybe your project car breaks down miles from home, or maybe you get into a little fender bender. But a man from Northampton, Northamptonshire, England is here to challenge all of our bad car days. He managed to get his Renault Megane impounded a mere 30 seconds after purchasing it.


As reported by the Northampton Hub Specials Twitter account, the man apparently drove the car off the lot and almost into the front bumper of a police car.

During the traffic stop, police learned the man decided to take a chance and did not have insurance. That poor decision led to him losing his sweet Renault Megane only seconds after purchasing it. I hope he had enough money left over to pay for an Uber back home!

Northamptonshire Police is currently running a road safety campaign called Operation Journey with the goal of reducing road casualties. Research suggests that uninsured drivers are more likely to be involved in collisions and other traffic offenses. Since the program began, 64 vehicles have been seized for no insurance and 19 for drivers not having a license.

Remember kids, driving is a privilege, not a right. And you should definitely insure your new car purchase before you point it at a police car.

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Half-track El Camino

Seems strange to me that uninsured drivers would be more likely to have accidents. I know that anytime I might have reason (beyond the usual) to want to avoid being pulled over, I drive like a fucking saint. I mean, I’m a grownup now so I’ve got my shit together in terms of registration and insurance and also weed is legal where I am so I’m square with Johnny Law these days, but there have been times when I really did not want to have a Police Interaction and so I was extra, extra careful.

I guess maybe not having insurance just correlates somewhat with not having your shit together in general, or not being someone who is actually licensed to drive and therefore is even less aware of what they should be doing than your average Jamoke. If you exist in some kind of state of permanent psychological distress and/or don’t actually know how to drive, you may both lack insurance and also be more of a menace than the average driver.