Victor Muller Steps Down as Spyker CEO

We've made no bones about the fact that we genuinely like Spyker Cars re-founder Victor Muller. He's a friendly, humble guy who comes across as a no-shitter in a sea of egotists and pipe-dreamers, even if he himself is a dreamer. But he's a dreamer in the best possible way. He got the company off the ground and before… » 5/17/07 12:30am 5/17/07 12:30am

LA Auto Show: Spyker's Red Light District

We met Victor Muller last summer on the Bullrun and ran into him again at Pebble Beach. And he's emphatically not the type of guy who comes across as somebody who would start a crazy exotic car operation or buy an F1 team. The soft-spoken, affable Muller comes across as a quirky businessman, not the head of what's now… » 12/01/06 11:46am 12/01/06 11:46am