Jeep Knows How To Dress Hostesses

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Whoever was responsible for picking the outfits for Jeep’s hostesses at the Geneva Motor Show did a spectacular job. They were by far the best-dressed women at the show, displaying a masterful blend of Americana with a European touch.


A caramel-colored Borsalino felt hat, a simple white blouse with rolled-up sleeves, a brown bracelet and necklace, cream-colored ¾ trousers with suspenders which crossed in the back, and brown suede pumps is the sort of outfit that looks obvious when put together but is far from trivial. It was just perfect and when I ran it by the stylistically hypercritical Mrs. Orosz, she approved.

For those of you more into classic menswear than show outfits for model-thin young women, observe the three-piece suit of Spyker CEO Victor Muller, photographed here talking to our Máté Petrány:

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a collared vest in the wild. The fabric was some sort of heavy wool, in a deep mustard yellow with a sky blue windowpane check. He was by far the best-dressed man at the show.

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definitely bespoke... saville row no doubt, i think i found the exact tweed even...…

i never cared about this stuff until i caught this documentary on late night tv:…

it's a great film!