Saab Sale To Spyker Finalized, Officially Unbørked

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The deal is done, paperwork signed and Dutch supercar maker Spyker has officially saved Saab from the inevitable børking it's already received at the hands of GM, putting an end to Swedish meatballs drowned in tears for the moment. [GM]

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I think I may have found their secret business plan:

1. Get EU and previous owner to pay to buy Saab: 2010 (done)

2. jazz up dated range with some spoilers and bright paint (2011)

3. talk to a bunch of 3rd world manufacturers about alliance deals, but never actually sign anything (2011-2013, ongoing)

4. Show a bunch of concept cars, but not actually build anything new (2012-2014)

5. sell/leaseback factory (2013)

6. sell everything not nailed down to one of Chinese Big Five to secure alliance (2014)

7. Collapse into bankruptcy when Chinese firm backs out of alliance at last minute (2015)

NB: remember to release computer generated images of potential new models to European car tabloids every few months to maintain interest, also grainy photos of '01 9-5 wrapped in trashbags as stand-in for camouflaged prototype.

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