You Too Can Own Spyker Founder Victor Muller's 9-5 Aero Or Other Crazy Saabs

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Even though we keep hearing of rumors you'll be able to buy a new Saab 9-3 sometime next year in some part of the world, and an EV coming after that, there's still the matter of closing out the Spyker Era of the old Trollhattan firm.


The last 68 Saabs, many of them hanging around the old factory, are on the auction block now until December 16. One of the cars belonged to the guy who brought Saab and Spyker together in the first place.

Crazy Dutchman Victor Muller's 9-5 Aero looks stunning with the 19-inch turbine wheels and moves along with the turbo V6 and cross-wheel drive. Of more interesting note are a few 9-5 SportCombis that never officially went on sale and therefore are not really road legal, but they are absolutely vast inside and hot as hell. If there's a way to get one of those into my garage, I have a kidney to spare.

The saddest thing in this whole fleet is the 9-7X V8, an unloved 2006 Saabified GMC Envoy converted from US spec to EU spec with the addition of rear fog lights and not much else. Not even Euro-specific wheels or anything. Don't bother with this one, since they're a dime a dozen in New England.

But the most ironic and possibly iconic of the lot are the orange Independence Editon convertibles, produced to commemorate Saab's first anniversary free from GM's thumb. And then GM effectively killed it.

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SaabLife, because Gripen

Knew you guys would post a story about this at some point. Anyways, I've have been talking with a guy bidding on one of the 9-5 SportCombis.

Apparently if he gets it all he's going to do with it is keep it in his garage and "secretly" drive at night. But getting it road legal would be possible if the right amount of work was done (at least in Sweden and the UK). Wonder if there's some way to get one in to the US considering it's not technically a road legal car.