Spyker Is Back By Merging With An Electric Airplane Company

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Spyker managed to exit moratorium yesterday, resuming its operations immediately and moving on by preparing for a merger with Portland-based electric plane company Volta Volare. Because Victor Muller.

Spyker built a gorgeous concept in 2013 to show the world that they’re still around, but the B6 Venator project hit a wall less than a year later due to the company’s numerous financial troubles.

Then came bankruptcy and a few more lawsuits, which limited Spyker’s options even further. But now, they’re out of Chapter 11 and issued the following regarding the Dutch brand’s future:

We have gone through a very rough patch during the past year, going from moratorium in early December 2014 to being declared bankrupt on December 18th, subsequently filing an appeal of that decision, winning that appeal on January 22nd, 2015 and returning to moratorium as a consequence. After winning a long legal battle with just one creditor, we have now finally succeeded in exiting moratorium and we are back in business as a healthy, debt free enterprise. In the coming weeks we will finalize the agreements with investors which were held up for over two month by the protracted litigation. But true to our logo “nulla tenaci invia est via” (for the tenacious no road is impassable) we have persevered and we can now move on and pursue our ambitious goals including the merger with Portland, Oregon based electric aircraft manufacturer Volta Volare.

With some 250 Spykers on the road we have a great client base and we thank our customers for their unwavering loyalty to the Spyker brand.

In summary, Spyker is back with a vengeance and we look forward to a bright future for the company I founded 15 years ago and which is now set to build sensationally elegant and classy (electric) motorcars and electric planes for decades to come.”


What do you make out of this?

Does the proposed merger with an American luxury electric plane company mean the next Spyker will feature a hybrid powertrain? Or are they planning to give the upcoming Tesla Roadster a run for its money? Will the B6 Venator finally see some daylight?


Only time will tell ladies and gents, but one thing is for sure: Victor Muller is not a quitter.

Photo credit: Spyker


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