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Spyker Plans Saab 92-Like Mini-Fighter, Makes Jalopnik Happy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Since Saab's officially been handed over to Spyker, founder Victor Muller claims he's keen to build a Mini-fighter. Better news? Current renderings take inspiration from the 92's sleek teardrop shape, and Muller's even codenamed it "92." Very exciting.


Speaking with Autocar, Muller discussed the layout of future product plans, much of it already known including the all-new 9-5, the new 9-4X, and the still respectable though overpriced 9-3. The new car though will slot into the supermini segment with a current code name 92 (!) taking inspiration from the original aerodynamically shaped Saab 92. Given Saab's current naming convention, it's safe to assume the production version will be named 9-2, and if we were betting folks 9-2X, since the Haldex system Saab uses has proved so easily scalable. Proving Muller's probably a daily Jalopnik reader, or at least a man with his priorities straight, he's quoted as saying:

It's going to be the coolest thing since the Mini. I carry renderings of the latest designs with me, and I talk to the Saab guys all the time. I want it to be influenced by the first Saab, in fact my codename for it is 92, like the first one.


Keep this kind of thing up Victor, and you just might make Saab awesome again. [AutoCar]